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  • What I want you to know about AZ 1.27 from a national perspective

    Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Jason Johnson, a foster and adoptive dad, pastor and national foster care leader for our first ever state-wide gathering of church partners. He was a huge encouragement to our team and partners and sent us some kind words we wanted to share as well as a link to

  • What I want you to know about calling people to foster care

    You might have heard it said “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” When it comes to pastoral leadership on the issue of foster care and adoption I know dozens of pastors in Arizona who are both “doing” foster care and “teaching” from the pulpit. I have great respect for my colleagues living this

  • Welcome to AZ 1.27 Blog

    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by the AZ 1.27 blog! If you’ve made it to this portion of our site you probably know a little bit about us but in case you don’t here’s a quick recap: Arizona 1.27 is a movement of churches in a number of counties across the state empowering local congregations to